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Software for Boards of Directors

Board Management is an application designed to help board of directors manage their board and organization more effectively. Through our platform, you can communicate to your board members with ease, record tasks to hold members accountable, keep files in their proper place, and much more. Organization, communication, and collaboration are the keys to a successful board for any organization. It is our mission to help you effectively manage your organization.

An account with Board Management gives you access to features that simplify your board's process-all from one centralized location. Simply register for Board Management, invite other key members, and begin managing your organization. With three easy steps you'll be accomplishing more with your board.

Invite Members

This is all accomplished via an simple online system that keeps your information in one place and secured via an SSL.

Who uses Board Management?

From non-profit board of directors, to clubs & associations, to academic groups, to professional groups & social groups, to small businesses, Board Management takes the process out of board management and simplifies it for groups' worldwide. Each Board Management account comes equipped with a wide array of features, listed are a few of those features highlighted:

Board Meeting Scheduling: Solved

Proper planning, collaboration, and coordination are important to stay on track and you can do all of that (and more) with Board Management. Schedule meetings and events using our calendar feature. You're able to schedule and keep track of all important meetings and events. Add agendas, invite members, and have automatic email reminders sent to invitees- all from one centralized location.

Individual Board Responsibilities: Remembered

Typically, the average person on a board has little knowledge or understanding of what is expected of them. There is a substantial amount of confusion and uncertainty with fundamental roles and responsibilities. Board Management's task management module records tasks to hold board members accountable and up-to-date at all times.

Non-Profit Dashboard: Defined

Today, users demand constant improvements to the way they work and conduct business. Imagine a dashboard structure similar to that of Facebook where you can be up-to-date with all current members of your organization at any time. The structure is designed to ensure clear lines of both communication and responsibility within your organization.

Board Members' Notes & Information: Organized

One of the most important parts of running a successful organization is proper organization. The problem organizations face is how to create a straightforward organizational structure. Making information accessible to members is a crucial step. Board Management files storage and management system makes it easy to store and share information directly between all group members.




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